News | May 26,2017

The partnership is intended to create smarter, safer traffic signals in Macomb County

News | May 24,2017

Concerns about the rise in the use of small drones and their potential security threat led to the Trump administration's proposal

News | May 23,2017

Connected-vehicle and V2I technologies will be implemented to modernize I-75 in Oakland County

News | May 22,2017

This week's Infrastructure Insider has some details on Trump's Infrastructure plan, how DOT's reacted to I-85 collapse and more

News | May 19,2017

The data collected by the sensors in the Phoenix area will be used to estimate travel times

News | May 18,2017

Digital message signs will provide traffic updates and safety advisories, directing drivers to shift lanes when crashes occur

News | May 16,2017

The purpose of the new integration is to better connect users with public transportation

News | May 12,2017

The department will employ Inrix's Dangerous Slowdowns service, which warns drivers of sudden reductions in speed or stopped traffic

News | May 11,2017

The testing period in the state will last until April 2018

Feature | Ananth Prasad | May 09,2017

Increased capacity, advanced tolling systems, ITS and more public transit would be a start

News | May 08,2017

Check out the gas tax story in our first podcast as well as self-driving cars at Disney and a new bridge project in Maine

News | May 08,2017

Sacramento and San Diego roads will be part of the two-year test program to detect wrong-way drivers

News | May 05,2017

Authorities are investigating the ride-hailing company's use of "greyballing" software

News | May 05,2017

Officials anticipate fortnight of lane closures as they address horrible 25+ car turnover

News | May 02,2017

The city is introducing the new SCOOT system along Mercer Street between 3rd Ave W and I-5

News | April 28,2017

Transit agencies will have the opportunity to apply for up to $55 million in competitive grant funds

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