News | June 24,2016

Commercial vehicles weighing more than five tons will be prohibited from traveling on I-95 during the convention

News | June 23,2016

The startup has been testing prototype vehicles for the past year at private facilities

News | June 23,2016

Some of the improvement projects could begin within the next few years, while others may take decades

News | June 22,2016

Eight states along the east coast now use the real-time traffic service

News | June 21,2016

New routes to improve suburb-to-suburb connectivity and significantly reduce travel time

News | June 20,2016

The Malloy administration is giving $6.4 million to 11 communities to spur growth near transit hubs

News | June 17,2016

The partnership is part of Waze's Connected Citizen Program

News | June 16,2016

The multi-billion dollar bullet train will connect Houston to Dallas

News | June 15,2016

The news also comes as state transportation officials and lawmakers are collaborating on development of guidelines and legislation to govern autonomous vehicles in Pennsylvania

News | June 14,2016

Research confirms 11 years of traffic improvements have benefits for older drivers

News | June 13,2016

DelDOT is joining AAA Mid-Atlantic to educate the public on an "It Can Wait" safety campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving

News | June 10,2016

About 20 crossing safety upgrades between East St. Louis and Carlinville are planned

News | June 09,2016

A special emphasis is placed on tire safety during the ongoing vehicle inspection process

Feature | Nathan Smith | June 08,2016

FAST Act is great, but we must remain vigilant on safety

Feature | Robert Dingess | June 08,2016

Developing green bicycle lane treatments to increase visibility and reduce safety risks

Feature | Gerald Ullman, Dean Alberson and Kevin Groeneweg | June 08,2016

New attenuator research adjusts to heavier traffic

Feature | James Baron | June 08,2016

ITS in work zones continues to grow

Feature | Neal Hawkins, Omar Smadi and Skylar Knickerbocker | June 08,2016

Evaluation of pavement markings on challenging surfaces in Minnesota

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