News | May 02,2016

The I-75 Relief Project includes equipping the roadway with traffic cameras and vehicle detection sensors 

News | May 02,2016

The project involves building the new tolled lanes on more than 10 miles between US-59 and the Harris County line in the Houston area

News | April 29,2016

PennDOT estimates that by 2050, roughly 75 percent of all vehicles on the road will be autonomous in some form

News | April 29,2016

A study published by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has found that 16% of construction workers tested had some degree of hearing impairment – second only to mining.

News | April 28,2016

The U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration heard from researchers and consumer advocates on Wednesday, who say self-driving cars are not ready to hit the roads anytime soon

News | April 27,2016

The Congresswoman lobbied for the Illinois Governor to release previously approved funding for the line.

News | April 26,2016

The intelligent transportation software will enable the state DOT to monitor issues in the field.

News | April 25,2016

Citing terrorist attacks on mass transit targets in Brussels, Madrid, Moscow and elsewhere, the Senator is seeking boosted security for transit systems across the nation.

News | April 21,2016

The Green Line in the Twin Cities region is developing at rates beyond original projections

News | April 20,2016

A recent federal inspection uncovered immediate safety concerns

News | April 20,2016

Funding includes the launch of three new programs as well as capitol improvements of highways, bridges, rail, and more.

News | April 19,2016

The senator says those federal dollars go away if the state does not act. 

News | April 18,2016

A loose manhole cover on I-93 killed a motorist this past February

News | April 18,2016

Notice to proceed marks the beginning of the multi-year megaproject

News | April 15,2016

When signed by the governor, the bill will give NDOR new authority to deliver projects quicker, cheaper

News | April 14,2016

The program benefits rural multilane highways, specifically within the state of Kansas

News | April 12,2016

DOT commissioner says plan will strengthen the “quality and connectivity of [the city’s] bike network”

News | April 11,2016

Video and audio surveillance systems designed to make riders more secure are also recording the conversations of light rail passengers at all times.

Feature | Kiisa Wiegand | April 08,2016

Georgia DOT assesses its state highway system and yields priority criteria

Feature | Steven H. Bayless | April 08,2016

Keeping ITS secure requires a multi-tier approach

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