News | July 21,2016

Three companies were chosen to build the Airport-Middle Street segment

News | July 20,2016

The statement comes only a few weeks after news broke about the Tesla "Autopilot" fatality, which occurred over two months ago in Florida

News | July 19,2016

Three drivers and two workers were hurt as a result of the collapse, though their injuries were not believed to be serious

News | July 19,2016

The 23rd ITS World Congress is projected to showcase ITS technologies deployed in 'a more integrated way'

News | July 18,2016

The administration attributes a significant percentage of traffic deaths to human error

News | July 18,2016

The funding would be used to study how effective carpool lanes or an express lane will be to ease traffic congestion on Highway 101

News | July 15,2016

Even after funding, lawmakers project first completed project still about a decade away

News | July 15,2016

Differing views on how best to alleviate traffic on S.R. 50 have put the two road agencies at odds

News | July 13,2016

The BRT plan is estimated to cost significantly less than an alternative light-rail plan

News | July 12,2016

The electronic signs are part of the Caltrans I-80 SMART Corridor Project

News | July 12,2016

The bridge project will help manage traffic flowing from the CenterPoint transportation facility

News | July 08,2016

The company's self-driving vehicles will be able to recognize cyclists' hand signals among other gestures

News | July 06,2016

MBTA officials investigate their own coaches after defects discovered on Pennsylvania trains

News | July 05,2016

An NHTSA report indicates an estimated 35,200 traffic deaths this past year

News | July 01,2016

The administration will investigate the autopilot mode of the Tesla vehicle involved in the crash

News | July 01,2016

The app provides drivers with traffic alerts, delays, and construction information

News | June 30,2016

“Maine’s Prettiest Town” has voted to implement state-created streets plan

News | June 29,2016

The “Metropolitan Lounge” will ease the woes of premium customers only

News | June 28,2016

MBTA estimates a later project completion date in addition to the hikes in project costs

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