News | May 24,2016

The $9.9 million platform will parallel the tracks for more than 800 ft near Norfolk Avenue, with 600 ft of the waiting area covered by a canopy

News | May 23,2016

The vehicle, which will have a driver in the cab, will tackle technical hurdles related to autonomous technology

News | May 19,2016

The new proposal comes after the cost for the rail projected to be $8 billion

News | May 18,2016

The intelligent software system will help expand the city's smart traffic system infrastructure

News | May 17,2016

The San Francisco startup is looking to put self-driving trucks on U.S. highways

Feature | Emily Cass and Sam Belfield | May 16,2016

Commuting to the world’s largest naval station

Feature | Peggy Tadej | May 16,2016

Serving non-traditional stakeholders along Virginia’s I-95

Feature | Johanna Zmud, Melissa Tooley, Jason Wagner and Trey Baker | May 16,2016

Scenario-based roadmapping and a path to the future

Feature | Johann Aakre, P.E., S.E., and Janet Attarian | May 16,2016

Pedestrian bridge unites engineering, architecture to traverse high-traffic area

Feature | Randell Iwasaki, P.E. | May 16,2016

Connected cars + smart infrastructure = a safer, more accessible future

News | May 16,2016

The truck-only lanes are among nearly a dozen major transportation initiatives Gov. Nathan Deal announced earlier this year

News | May 13,2016

The 10-year picture painted by the American Society of Civil Engineers isn’t too pretty

News | May 12,2016

This partnership connects the state transportation department to the Waze Connected Citizens Program

News | May 11,2016

The transportation company is implementing the system after it tested successfully in the U.K. for monitoring speed, acceleration, breaking and lane handling

News | May 10,2016

The new plan includes a much smaller vehicle maintenance facility, fewer design changes to bridges and a shorter community path

Feature | Brian W. Budzynski | May 09,2016

Our first 2016 Region Report looks at the Great Plains states

News | May 09,2016

The threat came just one day after Metro officials had announced a yearlong plan to overhaul the ailing subway system and two days after a third-rail explosion had thrown metal shards onto the platform at the Federal Center station.

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