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Welcome to the Automated Vehicles channel. This section explores the advent and timely development of automated and autonomous vehicle technology and related infrastructure developments. 

News | December 23,2016

DOT states corridor is ideal for bringing state into the driverless vehicle world

News | December 22,2016

The transportation company’s response surprised few in the industry, given the company's history of challenging restrictions

News | December 07,2016

New models to tell drivers when light will turn green

News | November 29,2016

A self-driving truck is expected to travel U.S. 33 as well as the Ohio Turnpike in the next few weeks

News | November 22,2016

The Ypsilanti footprint makes Michigan among the most forward-thinking states on AV/CV technology development and application

News | November 21,2016

The startup is financed by Ford Motor Company chairman venture fund

News | October 27,2016

The Knoxville mayor met with industry leaders and transportation officials to discuss the potential for the city to become an automated/connected vehicle testing site

News | October 24,2016

Gov. Baker issued an executive order to begin the process of regulating self-driving cars

News | October 20,2016

While fully autonomous driving technology will be installed in all its vehicles, the company is awaiting futher testing of the system to start it up

News | October 11,2016

The agency will partner with mapping service Here on the 30-mile stretch

News | September 20,2016

U.S. DOT will require new AV technology to meet certain safety regulations

News | September 13,2016

The SAFE task force will study and recommend best practices for the automated vehicle industry

News | September 07,2016

The Sweden-based companies will develop ADAS and AD systems for use in Volvo cars

News | August 19,2016

Rides in a self-driving Volvo will be available to the city's Uber customers this month

News | August 05,2016

Debate has swirled around the need for government regulations and guidelines, prodding action

News | July 20,2016

The statement comes only a few weeks after news broke about the Tesla "Autopilot" fatality, which occurred over two months ago in Florida

News | July 19,2016

The 23rd ITS World Congress is projected to showcase ITS technologies deployed in 'a more integrated way'

News | July 08,2016

The company's self-driving vehicles will be able to recognize cyclists' hand signals among other gestures

News | June 23,2016

The startup has been testing prototype vehicles for the past year at private facilities

News | May 31,2016

The state is preparing for the advent of self-driving cars by pushing legislation to allow for public sales and operation—not just testing only

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