Feature | Brian W. Budzynski | August 08,2017

In the Big Apple, a culture of experimentation and collaboration is fueling Vision Zero success

Feature | Alexandra Dodds | August 08,2017

A complete streets approach can benefit low-income communities

Feature | Tim Bruns | August 08,2017

Oakland’s complete streets program creates space for pedestrians and cyclists while improving safety along major corridor

Feature | Richard Reitz | August 08,2017

Rejuventating Detroit starts with street illumination

News | August 07,2017

The funding will allow the Maine DOT to repair and upgrade 22 rail bridges on the Maine Northern Railway

News | August 04,2017

The traffic pads have been added on Lake Mary Boulevard and will be tested at a couple other intersections

News | August 03,2017

Hours of congestion on the city's highways grew by 13.6% over two years

News | August 01,2017

The proposed rule would allow public transit projects to streamline regulations for private investment

News | July 31,2017

Developing technology includes cracked wheel detection, positive train control and sensor-dropping drones to prevent rail accidents

News | July 28,2017

The board recently approved a $3.7 million plan for a thermal-detection system

News | July 27,2017

Construction would tentatively begin in 2021 on the makeover of North Main Street in the city

News | July 26,2017

The Appropriations subcommittee for transportation approved spending for the TIGER grant program and for the U.S. Department of Transportation

News | July 25,2017

The smart road traffic management system will promote safety on U.S. 23 near Ann Arbor

News | July 25,2017

The department is implementing infrared technology to warn truck drivers of low-clearance bridges

News | July 20,2017

The court blocked a lower ruling that kept the Purple Line from moving forward

News | July 18,2017

The vehicles will be tested on I-95 and I-495 over the next three years in the D.C. area

News | July 17,2017

The 33-mile project would mark the first time that toll lanes would be implemented in the county

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