News | December 23,2016

DOT states corridor is ideal for bringing state into the driverless vehicle world

News | December 22,2016

The transportation company’s response surprised few in the industry, given the company's history of challenging restrictions

News | December 21,2016

The $75 million grant will go towards the construction of the 10.5-mile line connecting Orem and Provo

News | December 19,2016

The result of a shift in policy, rock salt will augment state’s regular deicing protocols in certain areas

News | December 19,2016

Auto-vehicle location devices gather data from other sensors to aid agency in winter storm planning

News | December 14,2016

Connected vehicle technology would be required in new cars under a proposed U.S. DOT rule

Feature | Phil Weber and Mark McCullogh | December 12,2016

Roundabouts have lots of advantages…and they don’t have to be expensive

News | December 09,2016

Covering the period 2005-2015, the study used NHTSA’s fatal accident reporting system to cull data

News | December 08,2016

A new team of contractors will be selected by the end of 2017

News | December 08,2016

House leaders unveil another continuing resolution to continue fiscal 2016 spending levels through the spring

News | December 07,2016

New models to tell drivers when light will turn green

News | December 05,2016

The $1 billion increase comes from financing costs not previously disclosed

News | December 01,2016

The department is investing in highway technology along a 35-mile stretch of U.S. 33

News | November 30,2016

Workers will revamp the I-5 corridor in southern California north of San Diego, adding new carpool lanes, additional rail track, new bridges and pedestrian and cycling paths.

News | November 29,2016

President-elect Trump names experienced cabinet member to top infrastructure post

News | November 29,2016

A self-driving truck is expected to travel U.S. 33 as well as the Ohio Turnpike in the next few weeks

News | November 28,2016

Hack forces transit authority to lift the gates, dole out free rides

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