News | November 16,2016

Officials are under pressure to have the entire PTC project finished by December 2018 or face fines of up to $25,000 a day

News | November 14,2016

Directional arrows and reflectors will be placed at the I-25/U.S. 285 interchange near Eldorado, N.M.

Feature | Rakesh Nune, P.E. | November 11,2016

Preparing cities for a smooth transition to incorporate connected vehicles and other applications into the transportation network

News | November 10,2016

U.S. cities committed to paying for the rail and bus systems they want on Tuesday

News | November 04,2016

Three round-trip trains per day have been restored on the Amtrak route between Detroit and Chicago

News | October 27,2016

The Knoxville mayor met with industry leaders and transportation officials to discuss the potential for the city to become an automated/connected vehicle testing site

News | October 26,2016

The transit board approved a plan to finance two major rail expansions

Feature | Greg Krueger, P.E. | October 24,2016

Evolving existing infrastructure into intelligent infrastructure

News | October 24,2016

Gov. Baker issued an executive order to begin the process of regulating self-driving cars

News | October 21,2016

The agency committed $300 million toward the replacement of the 106-year-old span

News | October 20,2016

While fully autonomous driving technology will be installed in all its vehicles, the company is awaiting futher testing of the system to start it up

News | October 19,2016

The grant is part of an effort to provide traffic information and reduce delays at the U.S./Canada border

News | October 18,2016

The traffic management system will provide early warning to motorists about crashes and closed lanes

Feature | Rashmi Shirole Brewer, P.E., and Ming-Shiun Lee, Ph.D., P.E. | October 14,2016

Minnesota DOT develops programmatic process for ITS implementation

News | October 14,2016

The goals of the grants include reducing congestion, improving connections to mass transit and enhancing safety in six states

News | October 14,2016

According to the report, a majority of the costs of the $899 million in freeway projects would go toward HOV lanes

News | October 13,2016

The $48 million project included replacing steel and repairing the entire substructure on the 142-year-old bridge

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