News | May 02,2017

The city is introducing the new SCOOT system along Mercer Street between 3rd Ave W and I-5

News | April 28,2017

Transit agencies will have the opportunity to apply for up to $55 million in competitive grant funds

News | April 28,2017

Since drivers in the state are more at risk for traffic-related fatalities, MDT is aiming to bring the number of traffic fatalities down to zero.

News | April 27,2017

A report from APTA and the Economic Development Group estimates hundreds of thousands of transit-related jobs would be at risk as a result of the Trump administration's budget cuts

News | April 25,2017

A transit advocacy group is pushing for more transit growth in the city

News | April 21,2017

NJDOT will reduce the number of lanes to slow traffic on the route, which is known for having many pedestrian deaths over the years

News | April 21,2017

The department partnered with the landowners to install a 1,500-ft snow fence as a measure to control blowing snow and maintain traffic safety on Highway 67

News | April 20,2017

According to data from TxDOT, there were 181 deaths as a result of crashes in work zones last year in the state

News | April 18,2017

PennDOT investments in safety enhancements may have helped to decrease the number of traffic fatalities in 2016

News | April 13,2017

RIPTA is applying an audible warning system to its fixed-route fleet to improve safety for buses, motorists and pedestrians

News | April 12,2017

The technology that enables the movement of freight and passengers through tubes between distant cities in minutes will undergo a full-system test by the end of this year

News | April 12,2017

Ramp meters, wrong-way driver detection systems, travel-time signs and traffic cameras are among the installations on U.S. 395

News | April 11,2017

U.S. DOT's data-exchange program has made hundreds of data sets available for city and state governments to analyze and utilize

News | April 10,2017

New York state lawmakers have signed off on legislation to allow self-driving tests on highways under the supervision of state police through next April

News | April 07,2017

The state plans to replace the majority of its 1,700 allegedly defective guardrails

News | April 05,2017

The system will operate along all 29 miles of I-10 in Jackson County, Miss.

Feature | Edward Terhaar, P.E. | April 03,2017

Minnesota digs deeper into rumble strip design

News | April 03,2017

Repairs to the N.J. Transit terminal will not be completed until close to the third anniversary of the crash that killed a woman and injured over 100 people back in September

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