News | August 15,2016

The state's traffic management system will allow for automated traffic management with the integration of connected vehicle technology

News | August 12,2016

The state of Illinois is pursuing a plan to add an express toll lane to the Stevenson Expressway with some help from private developers

Feature | John Hourdos | August 11,2016

Determining the effectiveness of ILCS in Minneapolis

News | August 11,2016

The traffic safety program has graduated its 200,000th emergency responder

News | August 10,2016

The transit agency is suspending plan to build new rail cars due to Illinois funding shortage

News | August 10,2016

The campaign will combine a public education initiative with increased law enforcement presence in work zones 

News | August 09,2016

More than $600 million could go toward regional transit system expansion and improvement

News | August 08,2016

A bill is being sponsored by Democrats in legislature that could fine drivers up to $800 for sipping and driving

News | August 05,2016

The pilot project will test the concept on a stretch of sidewalk along the Route 66 Welcome Center in Conway

News | August 05,2016

Debate has swirled around the need for government regulations and guidelines, prodding action

News | August 04,2016

Giant billboard is the latest tactic in CDOT's Drugged Driving Campaign

Feature | Matt Daeda | August 03,2016

Managing traffic operations on Chicago’s Jane Byrne Interchange reconstruction project

Feature | Gene Skoropowski | August 03,2016

Massive passenger rail project looks to connect Florida like never before

Feature | Katharine Nees, P.E. | August 03,2016

A study in purpose, policy and the practical application of priced managed lanes

Feature | Michael Pack | August 03,2016

How Target predicts pregnancy—and how it’s transforming transportation

News | August 03,2016

The new application will help the department oversee operations and improvements to traffic signals around the state

News | August 03,2016

The largest expense for the coastal California region to be considered will likely be road maintenance

News | August 02,2016

Miami-Dade transit officials are banking on new technologies to attract more riders to their Metrorail and Metrobus systems

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