News | September 22,2016

KDOT and MoDOT will continue their contract with Kapsch to support traffic management in the city

News | September 21,2016

Displays will give commuters live drive times

News | September 20,2016

U.S. DOT will require new AV technology to meet certain safety regulations

News | September 16,2016

Bill Malkes, co-founder of the Tennessee-based GRIDSMART Technologies Inc., is excited about the potential for intelligent transportation to make an impact across the globe

News | September 15,2016

Nine new stations will be built for the project, which is expected to be complete by 2021

News | September 14,2016

The new connected vehicle technology will help to prevent crashes on the I-80 corridor

News | September 13,2016

The SAFE task force will study and recommend best practices for the automated vehicle industry

News | September 12,2016

The department along with the insurance company are creating Text Stops across the state

News | September 09,2016

The funding from the agency's Bus and Bus Facilities Grant Program will help improve bus service nationwide

News | September 08,2016

With the number of traffic fatalities on the rise in the U.S., safety advocates are looking to public transportation as a way to improve commuter safety

News | September 08,2016

The FASTLANE federal grants have been awarded to 18 projects across the nation

News | September 07,2016

The Sweden-based companies will develop ADAS and AD systems for use in Volvo cars

Feature | Juho Kostiainen | September 06,2016

Bluetooth beacons can make transit use easier

News | September 06,2016

The agency awarded over $45 million to begin design/build/test phases for three different pilots

News | September 02,2016

The expansion is expected to add approximately 1,500 trips per week for customers

News | September 01,2016

The zero-death goal of a statewide initiative has safety coalitions across Louisiana working to improve highway safety

News | August 31,2016

Traffic fatalities increased by 7.2% in 2015 from the previous year

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