News | December 01,2016

The department is investing in highway technology along a 35-mile stretch of U.S. 33

News | November 30,2016

Workers will revamp the I-5 corridor in southern California north of San Diego, adding new carpool lanes, additional rail track, new bridges and pedestrian and cycling paths.

News | November 29,2016

President-elect Trump names experienced cabinet member to top infrastructure post

News | November 29,2016

A self-driving truck is expected to travel U.S. 33 as well as the Ohio Turnpike in the next few weeks

News | November 28,2016

Hack forces transit authority to lift the gates, dole out free rides

News | November 23,2016

At least 144 guardrails could malfunction if hit by vehicle

News | November 22,2016

The Ypsilanti footprint makes Michigan among the most forward-thinking states on AV/CV technology development and application

News | November 22,2016

Lives saved by safety belts estimated at nearly 345,000 since 1975

News | November 21,2016

The startup is financed by Ford Motor Company chairman venture fund

News | November 18,2016

The agency earned both the Francois Award and the President’s Award from AASHTO

News | November 17,2016

Track workers will wear a band that alerts them when a train is rapidly approaching a work zone

News | November 16,2016

Officials are under pressure to have the entire PTC project finished by December 2018 or face fines of up to $25,000 a day

News | November 14,2016

Directional arrows and reflectors will be placed at the I-25/U.S. 285 interchange near Eldorado, N.M.

Feature | Rakesh Nune, P.E. | November 11,2016

Preparing cities for a smooth transition to incorporate connected vehicles and other applications into the transportation network

News | November 10,2016

U.S. cities committed to paying for the rail and bus systems they want on Tuesday

News | November 04,2016

Three round-trip trains per day have been restored on the Amtrak route between Detroit and Chicago

News | October 27,2016

The Knoxville mayor met with industry leaders and transportation officials to discuss the potential for the city to become an automated/connected vehicle testing site

News | October 26,2016

The transit board approved a plan to finance two major rail expansions

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