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Feature | Shailen P. Bhatt | January 09,2017

Colorado launches initiative that embraces connected-vehicle technology

News | January 09,2017

The department hopes to test the technology on the interstate by the end of 2017

News | December 30,2016

The state would effectively require hands-free navigation and communication

News | December 30,2016

The traffic app will offer the agency data on speed and congestion

News | December 29,2016

The practicality of larger investment in the technology is pending the analysis of its ability to generate adequate power levels

News | December 29,2016

The investment is only a portion of a 30-year $100 billion overall plan for the state

News | November 30,2016

Workers will revamp the I-5 corridor in southern California north of San Diego, adding new carpool lanes, additional rail track, new bridges and pedestrian and cycling paths.

News | November 22,2016

The Ypsilanti footprint makes Michigan among the most forward-thinking states on AV/CV technology development and application

News | November 21,2016

The startup is financed by Ford Motor Company chairman venture fund

News | November 18,2016

The agency earned both the Francois Award and the President’s Award from AASHTO

News | October 18,2016

The traffic management system will provide early warning to motorists about crashes and closed lanes

News | October 14,2016

The goals of the grants include reducing congestion, improving connections to mass transit and enhancing safety in six states

News | October 14,2016

According to the report, a majority of the costs of the $899 million in freeway projects would go toward HOV lanes

News | October 13,2016

The project is a first for the state

News | October 12,2016

The new intelligent traffic management system will measure speed and travel times

News | October 10,2016

City officials and transit authority officials feeling tension over delays caused by high ridership

Feature | Tim Bruns | October 07,2016

TxDOT research team tests Vision Zero collision avoidance system

Feature | Dennis Mitchell | October 07,2016

Active traffic management along Oregon’s Rte. 217 makes for a better way to drive

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