News | August 24,2017

A new study from DePaul University looked at bus and rail travel patterns in the U.S. over more than a decade

News | August 22,2017

The automated vehicle test track is under construction on the grounds of the former Willow Run factory used during World War II

News | August 22,2017

The firms selected will work as part of the Northwest Transit Systems Partners joint venture

News | August 18,2017

No word as to how move affects funding plan

News | August 17,2017

The city of Jaworzno, Poland, has created a special legal framework that supports the operation of autonomous cars and trucks throughout the city

News | August 17,2017

Preliminary work started in the past week on the ADOT’s $3.7 million thermal-camera based project

Feature | Jane Peterson | August 16,2017

Michigan DOT tests automated vehicle infrastructure on I-75

Feature | Brian W. Budzynski | August 16,2017

Developments in California are an example of why a federal gas tax increase is needed

Feature | Brian Ray, P.E. | August 16,2017

Impacts of connected vehicles on multimodal geometric design

Feature | Kelly Palframan, Ph.D. | August 16,2017

Using connected-vehicle technology to improve school bus safety

Feature | Carol Delion, P.E. | August 16,2017

How Maryland’s State Highway Administration keeps things flowing

Feature | Paul Carlson, Ph.D., P.E., and Gerald Ullman, Ph.D, P.E. | August 16,2017

Research into and requirements for road markings and work zones in a connected-vehicle environment to boost safety and advance technology

Feature | Jim Barbaresso | August 16,2017

One secret to successfully funding a Smart City initiative

News | August 16,2017

The idea is to have sensors equipped with object detection technology on the self-driving vehicles to ensure safety in accidents involving pedestrians

Feature | Zhibin Chen and Yafeng Yin | August 15,2017

A way to adapt to and promote the deployment of autonomous vehicle technology

News | August 14,2017

The I-95 Corridor Coalition will look at challenges of road usage fees in Pennsylvania and Delaware

News | August 11,2017

The study expects that by 2040, 20% to 85% of traffic will be highly or fully automated

News | August 09,2017

U.S. DOT is rewarding $7.5 million to rehabilitate 90 miles of rail between Grenada and Canton

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