News | April 03,2017

Repairs to the N.J. Transit terminal will not be completed until close to the third anniversary of the crash that killed a woman and injured over 100 people back in September

News | March 31,2017

The governor has declared a state of emergency after the collapse Thursday night, though there were no reported injuries from the fire

News | March 30,2017

NHDOT is partnering with two companies to implement intelligent transportation systems on the Everett Turnpike

News | March 30,2017

Anticipating future traffic increases with the NFL stadium going up, the department is looking to make upgrades on I-15

News | March 29,2017

The 'Safety Stand-Down' events help laborers avoid being struck by distracted drivers, debris

News | March 28,2017

The $1.35 million intelligent transportation system was recently installed at nine intersections along the three-mile stretch of road in McCandless

News | March 27,2017

Despite police statement that other vehicle was at fault, company is cautious

News | March 24,2017

$225 million more is needed to complete the world's only trackway on a floating bridge

News | March 23,2017

The department is planning to either build bridges over or tunnels under seven railroad crossings to improve safety and mobility

News | March 23,2017

Congressman DeFazio introduced legislation to raise the gas tax by 1 cent per year

News | March 22,2017

Bluetooth-based roadway sensors will provide real-time travel information when construction begins later this spring

News | March 21,2017

The commission allocated $217 million for transportation projects across the state

News | March 21,2017

The Kansas capital will be one of the first cities in the state to have access to KDOT's GIS crash database 

News | March 20,2017

The president's plan would cut off funding next year for 16 projects that are awaiting a funding agreement

News | March 20,2017

The 5-mile-long stretch of a downtown Oklahoma City streetcar line is set to start operation at the end of 2018

News | March 14,2017

The California DMV is seeking public comment on allowing autonomous vehicles without a human backup driver on public roads

News | March 14,2017

The 2017 CTS sedan will be the first U.S. car that features vehicle-to-vehicle communication capabilities

News | March 13,2017

Three transportation companies are offering six policy solutions for city leaders

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