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News | September 20,2017

The five-month project will optimize digital controls in the Wolf Creek Tunnel

News | September 14,2017

The North Avenue Smart Corridor Demonstration project will launch today in the city

Feature | Sara Khosravi | September 11,2017

Assistive technology lets pedestrians communicate with traffic signals and cars using smartphones in connected-vehicle environments

News | September 11,2017

The survey found 84% of respondents would support tax and toll increases for roads if law ensured they could only be used on transportation infrastructure projects

News | September 07,2017

The agency will be monitoring highways before, during and after the storm

News | September 06,2017

Great Lakes Basin Transportation's proposed 261-mile rail line was turned down by the federal Surface Transportation Board

News | September 05,2017

The agency partnered with Pace Bus Service to implement SmartRoad technology and a flex lane for transit on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway

News | September 01,2017

The lanes are going into two of the city’s busiest streets, in response to increased bike traffic and commuter demand

News | August 30,2017

U.S. driving exceeded 1.58 trillion miles in the first half of 2017

News | August 29,2017

A number of roads and transit services are expected to remain closed until later this week

News | August 17,2017

The city of Jaworzno, Poland, has created a special legal framework that supports the operation of autonomous cars and trucks throughout the city

Feature | Brian Ray, P.E. | August 16,2017

Impacts of connected vehicles on multimodal geometric design

Feature | Zhibin Chen and Yafeng Yin | August 15,2017

A way to adapt to and promote the deployment of autonomous vehicle technology

News | August 14,2017

The I-95 Corridor Coalition will look at challenges of road usage fees in Pennsylvania and Delaware

Feature | Lauren Ballard, Lilly O’Brien, Jordan Fraade and Jess Jaworski | August 08,2017

A commitment to ending traffic deaths in Los Angeles

Feature | Alexandra Dodds | August 08,2017

A complete streets approach can benefit low-income communities

Feature | Tim Bruns | August 08,2017

Oakland’s complete streets program creates space for pedestrians and cyclists while improving safety along major corridor

Feature | Richard Reitz | August 08,2017

Rejuventating Detroit starts with street illumination

News | August 04,2017

The traffic pads have been added on Lake Mary Boulevard and will be tested at a couple other intersections

News | August 03,2017

Hours of congestion on the city's highways grew by 13.6% over two years

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