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News | July 17,2017

The 33-mile project would mark the first time that toll lanes would be implemented in the county

News | July 06,2017

The SFMTA could be adding red lanes to 50 more streets in the city

News | July 03,2017

Program is presently in the design phase, study is being conducted

News | June 28,2017

The $1.2 billion expansion project will widen 10 miles of the interstate

News | June 13,2017

FHWA data shows drivers in 2016 spent additional three minutes stuck in traffic compared to previous year

News | June 07,2017

Thirty-five miles of cable will be installed underground along U.S. Rte. 33 to test smart vehicles

Feature | Andrew Sullivan, P.E., PTOE | May 31,2017

The Portland 20s Bikeway project enriches a bike-loving community

News | May 26,2017

The partnership is intended to create smarter, safer traffic signals in Macomb County

News | May 19,2017

The data collected by the sensors in the Phoenix area will be used to estimate travel times

News | May 18,2017

Digital message signs will provide traffic updates and safety advisories, directing drivers to shift lanes when crashes occur

News | May 12,2017

The department will employ Inrix's Dangerous Slowdowns service, which warns drivers of sudden reductions in speed or stopped traffic

Feature | Ananth Prasad | May 09,2017

Increased capacity, advanced tolling systems, ITS and more public transit would be a start

News | May 02,2017

The city is introducing the new SCOOT system along Mercer Street between 3rd Ave W and I-5

News | April 13,2017

RIPTA is applying an audible warning system to its fixed-route fleet to improve safety for buses, motorists and pedestrians

News | April 12,2017

Ramp meters, wrong-way driver detection systems, travel-time signs and traffic cameras are among the installations on U.S. 395

News | March 31,2017

The governor has declared a state of emergency after the collapse Thursday night, though there were no reported injuries from the fire

News | March 30,2017

Anticipating future traffic increases with the NFL stadium going up, the department is looking to make upgrades on I-15

News | March 22,2017

Bluetooth-based roadway sensors will provide real-time travel information when construction begins later this spring

News | March 21,2017

The Kansas capital will be one of the first cities in the state to have access to KDOT's GIS crash database 

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