Traffic Signals

Never underestimate the crucial importance of signal placement and timing. The Traffic Signal Channel features articles, news, products and commentary concerning the development and institution of traffic signal systems and their role in overall transportation and transit planning.

News | July 03,2017

Program is presently in the design phase, study is being conducted

News | May 26,2017

The partnership is intended to create smarter, safer traffic signals in Macomb County

News | March 28,2017

The $1.35 million intelligent transportation system was recently installed at nine intersections along the three-mile stretch of road in McCandless

News | February 13,2017

Documents show city boosted red-light camera profit $200,000 per month by shortening yellow time

Feature | Jay Yenerich | February 08,2017

Traffic signal prioritization and successes in Phoenix

Feature | Susan Langdon, P.E., PTOE | February 08,2017

Traffic signal engineers can now directly measure what they could previously only estimate and model

News | October 13,2016

The project is a first for the state

News | October 12,2016

The new intelligent traffic management system will measure speed and travel times

News | August 03,2016

The new application will help the department oversee operations and improvements to traffic signals around the state

News | July 29,2016

A new study reinforces the safety benefits of the traffic enforcement technology

News | July 12,2016

The electronic signs are part of the Caltrans I-80 SMART Corridor Project

News | June 13,2016

DelDOT is joining AAA Mid-Atlantic to educate the public on an "It Can Wait" safety campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving

News | June 10,2016

About 20 crossing safety upgrades between East St. Louis and Carlinville are planned

News | June 07,2016

The traffic signals to be tested have the potential to relay information back to vehicles

News | May 11,2016

The transportation company is implementing the system after it tested successfully in the U.K. for monitoring speed, acceleration, breaking and lane handling

News | April 04,2016

The $10 million project will include smart boards and speed detectors to monitor traffic in real time

News | March 31,2016

New advanced traffic management system will aid the city in improving traffic flow in real time

Feature | Raid Tirhi, P.E. | February 19,2016

Success with adaptive signal system in Bellevue, Wash.

News | October 26,2015

Combination of flashing lights and camera systems sees significant safety results

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